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United Communication Solutions strives to provide top notch training for each and every one of its' students. We use a number of resources when developing training to ensure that each student can learn in a productive environment. Courses each vary but many include video, audio, interactive content, and more in order to allow the learner to gain to most amount of knowledge in the limited time we have with you.



United Communication Solutions was founded on the idea that training was more than the classroom... It was about building connections, learning about meaningful topics, and walking away feeling more knowledgeable than when you walked in. We have always held that learning is a lifelong commitment and the more that each of us learns, the better we can serve one another.

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Charles Goodwin


Charles is the founding member of United Communication Solutions. Charles has worked in public safety for 10 years, serving in several different roles including as a Communications Supervisor and later Director. Charles holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Business Administration.

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Emily Brogie

Managing Director, Education

Emily joined our organization as she was completing her degree in Criminal Justice and has since been an integral part of our team, helping to building out training development, identify and develop new concepts and topics for training, and provide support to trainers in the field. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. 


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